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Administration Prospect

       The Agriculture Bureau is in charge of agricultural development, rural villages construction and revitalization, farmers’ association counseling, counseling of transportation, sales, processing, and marketing of agricultural products, natural ecology conservation, animal protection and disease prevention; it is devoted to promoting various agricultural developments and counseling in the City, and is closely connected to the livelihoods of farmers and everyday consumption.


        Promote sustainable agriculture: assist the upgrading or transformation of traditional agriculture, develop refined agriculture and environment-friendly organic agriculture, revitalize the agricultural industry, and promote the sustainability of agriculture in Kaohsiung.

        Develop refined agricultural products: dedicate works to increasing added value to agriculture to cope with competition in the global market. Improvement of agricultural technology increases the quality and yield of agricultural products, and safety checks help to provide city residents with high quality agricultural products they can trust.
        Construct rural villages of Lohas: promote “one town one specialty” and in-depth rural travel, connecting rural villages to concepts of education, Lohas, and tourism. Promote rural regeneration to assist the modernized development of rural villages and cultivate the beauty of modern rural villages.

        Enable happy farmers: counsels farmers’ associations and cares for farmers, establish good quality management and sales systems to protect the livelihoods of farmers.

        Green city and sustainable Kaohsiung: promote the concept of ecological conservation, implement maintenance of the ecology and environment so that people can coexist harmoniously with nature, and achieve a dynamic balance in the ecological system for sustainable development in the environment.

        Promote the awareness for animal protection, respect the life rights of animals, decrease the problem of stray animals, and at the same time dedicate works to prevention and treatment of animal diseases in the establishment of an animal-friendly city.