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    • Pineapple  The Highly Praised Golden Diamond

    Pineapple is also known as bo-luo, or referred to as “wong-lai” by the Taiwanese. Pineapple is native to the tropical region of South America. It was brought to Taiwan in the late years of Emperor Kangxi in the Qing Dynasty. During the Japanese Colonial Period, the Japanese established a processing plant to produce canned pineapple, laying a foundation for Taiwan’s pineapple industry. Through the development of a hundred years, Taiwan has become a kingdom of pineapple. Taiwan pineapple is not only diverse in varieties but also has very good quality. The sweet and sour flavors of pineapple never cease to receive praises from people.
    Among all pineapple varieties, the Golden Diamond pineapple is the largest variety. Its fruit flesh takes on a golden color like being inlaid with “golden diamonds,” a stunning variety. Golden Diamond pineapple is plump, juicy, tender and very sweet. It is especially refreshing and aromatic when tasted in the summer. In particular, its appearance is very enticing, looking like a green crown. No wonder the Taiwanese called it “wong-lai” (prosperity-coming). The growing areas of Golden Diamond pineapple are mainly concentrated in the districts of Dashu, Niaosong and Neimen.

    • Purchasing Principles

    By utilizing the difference of harvest time of each species and regulation techniques of production season, Kaohsiung City currently is able to supply pineapples throughout the year. While selecting pineapple, pick plump and firm fruit of certain weight. The skin of the fruit should be bright and clean without any cracks or abrasions. The pineapple eyes should have significant protrusions. The best pineapple should have a fresh and strong pineapple flavor.

    • Our story

    The Prosperous Golden Diamond: Taiwan’s Pride
    The leaves of the mother plant of the original species “wong-lai” grown in the Dashu District are covered with sharp thorns. This original species has smaller fruit, deeper fruit eyes and coarse fiber. However, it has a stronger aroma, for a unique flavor in canned pineapple. During the Japanese Colonial Period, the planting area of pineapple and the canned pineapple industry in the Dashu District dominated Taiwan. The canned pineapple even ranked number one in the world. Dashu District still continues to be known as the Kingdom of Pineapple. At the present, in addition to smooth cayenne pineapple, other varieties grown in Dashu District include: sugar apple pineapple, apple pineapple, sugarcane pineapple and golden diamond pineapple. These varieties were developed in response to the taste of modern people.

    • Delicious dishes:Pineapple Sushi Roll 
      • Ingredients
        • sushi rice  9 cups
        • dried pineapple  4 slices
        • water  8 cups
        • cucumbers  3
        • dried seaweed  10 sheets
        • egg  1
      • Seasoning 
        • sushi vinegar:
        • White vinegar 600g
        • Salt  15g
        • Sugar  400g

    Put all seasonings together and boil them until sugar is melted.

    • Cooking Method

    Cut cucumber into strips; pan-fry egg sheet and set  aside.Wash sushi rice clean with water; add water and some cooking oil into the rice, and then cook the rice.Pour sushi vinegar into the hot cooked rice and mix well; let it stands until it cools down.Smooth out the dried pineapples, the egg sheet,and then the cooled sushi rice; after that put the dried seaweed on top of them, and finally put cucumbers on it.Start from the bottom rolling up, then cut the roll and serve.

    • Applications of the Fruit
      • 1.Pineapple juice
      • 2.Pineapple cake
      • 3.Enzyme
      • 4.Canned
      • 5.Liqueur
      • 6.Candied Fruit
      • 7.Dried Pineapple
      • 8.Pineapple chips
      • 9.Popsicle