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    • Papaya  The Few Fine Quality Papaya Army

    Papaya is native to the tropical region of America, belonging to the caricaceae family, a semi-herbaceous plant. It was brought to Taiwan for cultivation during the late Qing Dynasty. Papaya has the features of easy cultivation and rapid growth. It can be harvested year-round with sumptuous yields. Under the tremendous efforts of papaya growers, papaya has taken root on local land and become one of the important fruits of Taiwan. In particular, papaya was exported to Japan in recent years with great success, making an impressive achievement.
    Papaya orchards can be seen everywhere in the Kaohsiung countryside. The scene of heavy-fruiting papaya can also be seen in some residential courtyards. Whenever papaya ripens into maturity, the yellow plump fruit always makes people’s mouths water. The fruit of papaya is very soft and sweet with high nutrition. Besides eating the fresh fruit directly, the well-known papaya milk of Kaohsiung is even the favorite drink of the people of Taiwan. Papaya can also used as an ingredient in cooking, such as papaya with pork rib soup, a highly popular homemade cuisine. The main growing areas of papaya are the districts of Meinong, Cishan, Shanlin and Liouguei.

    • Purchasing Principles

    Papaya is usually harvested when it is 70% ripe. When selecting papaya, consumers should pick a papaya with appropriate ripeness, proper and plump fruit shape, smooth skin without abrasion or disease. A top quality papaya should be plump with soft flesh, be juicy and very sweet with a strong aroma. Those which are GAP (Good Agricultural Practice) certified are even better.

    • Our story

    The Fruit Darling with 100% Nutrition
    Papaya has high nutritional value which is good for the stomach and spleen, and a good digestion aid. It has always been the favorite fruit in the consumer market. Papaya has been grown in Taiwan for more than 100 years. In the late 1980s, Taiwan’s papaya industry suffered from the hazard of papaya ringspot disease and was unable to recover after the hazard. Papaya ringspot is a viral disease, and the virus is spread by aphids. Researchers successfully bred a disease-resistant variety. They also used net rooms to isolate aphids, which relatively achieves the purpose of disease prevention. The enhanced performance of the hermaphrodite plant type through breeding allows consumers to enjoy the sweet, high quality papaya with beautiful appearance, smooth skin and plump flesh.

    • Delicious dishes:Mountain yam and papaya with dried bonito sauce
      • Ingredients
        • Forepart of a papaya
        • Mountain yam     20g
        • caviar          a litte
      • Cooking Method
        • Making of dried bonito sauce:
        • Dilute dried bonito broth in the ratio 1:3
        • Put some dried bonito sauce in the dish; arrange the cut forepart of papaya in the dish, then roll the shredded Japanese yam and place it in the middle of papaya; add some caviar on top and serve.
      • Applications of the Fruit
        • Papaya milk
        • Shredded green papaya
        • Green papaya enzyme
        • Green papaya four herbs drink