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Chin-Huang Mango

    Chin-Huang Mango

    • Chin-Huang Mango  The Refreshing Taste of the King of Mangos

    Lovers of mango would never have guessed that one day mango could grow so big and possess such a sweet taste. After going through continuous improvement by Taiwanese farmers, the improved variety Chin-Huang Mango was nicknamed the “King of Mangos” upon its launching into the domestic market. The fruit has an average weight of 1.2 kilograms. ChinHuang Mango not only has large fruit but is also sweet, juicy and aromatic with an extremely refreshing taste.
    Chin-Huang Mango has a long oval shape and its golden appearance is particularly eye-catching. During the harvest season every year, it is always the favorite fruit of consumers. A ripe Chin-Huang Mango is sweet, juicy and delicious. It can be made into mango juice, or a mango smoothie when blended with ice. It can also be made into mango salad, dried mango snack and mango jam. Whatever it is made into, it is always the best refreshing fruit. Furthermore, it can be used as an ingredient for cooking. Its unique flavor makes the eating of mango more diversified. The districts of Liouguei, Shanlin, Alian, Tianliao and Taoyuan are the main planting areas of Chin-Huang Mango.

    • Purchasing Principles

    Chin-Huang Mango has a thin stone, strong aroma, very sweet taste and no fiber. It can be described as the king of mangos. The harvest time of the fruit is from May to the end of August annually. Production season in Taoyuan District may last until the end of September. Chin-Huang Mangos are harvested when they are 80% or 90% ripe. After going through artificial ripening for two days, the flesh of the fruit will have a golden ripeness. While purchasing Chin-Huang Mango, consumers should make sure that the fruit is plump and the appearance is flawless with uniform color and light fruit aroma. The purchased mango can be kept at room temperature for two to three days for the starchiness to be fully converted into fructose to make the fruit aroma stronger, for the best taste.

    • Our story

    The Golden Miracle of Rich Taste
    Chin-Huang Mango was a new variety successfully bred by Mr. ChinHuang Huang of Liouguei Township in 1974 after going through long-term efforts to improve and cultivate foreign White and Keitt mango strains. Since 1966, Mr. Huang has contributed tremendous efforts to breeding new varieties of mango. Eight years later, he finally succeeded and bred the Chin-Huang Mango. It not only has the feature of large fruit from its male parent Keitt mango but also inherited the needed after-ripening feature. The largest fruit can weigh up to 1.2 kilograms. The meticulous flesh of the fruit comes from its heredity of its female parent, White mango. There is no fiber in the flesh. Since it is thick in flesh, it can be cut into small cubes, making it a popular food ingredient in making desserts.

    • Delicious dishes:Mango Macarons
      • Ingredients
        • Egg white  50g
        • Fine sugar  45g
        • Sugar powder  65g
        • Almond powder  75g
        • Cornstarch  10g
        • Mango juice  5g
      • Cooking Method

    Stir 50g of egg white and 45g of fine sugar together, and then pour mango juice into the egg white paste and stir; after the egg white turns yellow, add sugar powder, cornstarch and almond powder to the egg white paste and stir well; put the mixed egg white paste into a pastry bag; if a pastry bag is not available, a sandwich bag can be used instead by cutting the tip of the plastic bag and using it as a pastry bag; size of the circle diameter can be decided according to preferences.
    Preheat oven 160℃ for both upper and bottom heat.Put in the oven: Turn off the bottom heat at once, and keep the upper heat at 160℃; after baking for two minutes and the bottom of biscuit turns wavy, turn the upper heat down to 150 ℃; one minute later, turn the upper heat to 140℃; two minutes later, turn the upper heat to 130℃; after baking for another 10 minutes, turn the upper heat to 120℃; biscuits are well baked after baking for another 20 minutes. Please note that the bottom heat is turned off for the entire baking process. Total baking time is about 40 minutes.

    • Applications of the Fruit
      • Mango juice
      • Candied Fruit
      • Dried mango
      • Jam
      • Popsicle and mango shred ice
      • Green mango pickle
        Chin-Huang  Mango