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 The Insistence on ”Quality, Localization, Kaohsiung”

高通通Our philosophy of “Insistence and localization” is pivoted on an unyielding effort to enhance local production.

Thanks to the city government’s long-term promotion plan, Kaohsiung has proven the fine quality of its local agricultural produce.

The aforementioned philosophy, we believe, will instill confidence in farmers to continue to produce premium-quality local products and to systematically and successfully market and distribute these produce through a local, collective network, in order to ensure the sustainable development of local agriculture.

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Location :6F., No.132, Sec. 2, Guangfu Rd., Fongshan Dist., Kaohsiung City 830, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Service hours: Monday-Friday 08:00~17:30
Telephone: 886-7-7995678 ext. 6005
   ※By bus
      No.70:WeiWuYing station ->>Weiwu Community ->>Fongshan Administrative Center,Kaohsiung City Government
      No.88(Jian-Kuo Line):MRT Fongshan West Station ->>Weiwu Community ->>Fongshan Administrative Center,Kaohsiung City Government
      No.248:Jianjun Statop ->>Jianjun Station ->>Fongshan Administrative Center,Kaohsiung City Government
  ※By Mass Rapid Transit
      MRT Weiwuying ->transfer to bus 70 or 248
      MRT Fongshan West ->transfer to bus 88

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